The Tradition of New Orleans Cocktails at Chartres House Restaurant

New Orleans is no stranger to the art of the cocktail. Home to the Museum of the American Cocktail as well as the Annual Tales of the Cocktail, we boast a bevy of famous cocktails shaken or stirred for the first time right here in the French Quarter. Chartres House has mastered the traditional recipes and concocted a few of our own in the meantime. Check out some of our top picks to try next time you pull up a chair at Chartres House. Be sure to request a seat at our balcony to get the most out of your experience.



Drink Description – If you come to New Orleans, you’re going to have a cocktail, and if you want to honor the history of New Orleans cocktail legend, you’ll order a Sazerac, the official cocktail of the city. Chartres House makes this original with rye whiskey and Peychaud bitters, the same bitters that were used in the first Sazerac in the 1850s. We also follow tradition by “washing” the rocks glass in absinthe before pouring the cocktail. A Sazerac is a perfect sipping drink to enjoy at the Chartres House bar.

Alcohol – Rye Whiskey, Hint of Absinthe or Herbsaint


Chocolate Covered Chartres

Drink Description – This martini is by no means for the light-hearted. This decadent dessert drink, rimmed with crushed chocolate, marries the rich flavors of amaretto and Dark Godiva liqueur with a kick of Jack Daniels mellowed out by a splash of pineapple and grenadine. A martini for him OR her, but I’d suggest ordering two. It’s hard to share the Chocolate Covered Chartres.

Alcohol – Jack Daniels Whiskey, Amaretto liqueur, Dark Godiva liqueur


Bourbon Punch

Drink Description – We all enjoy an island-inspired refreshment every once in a while, but we also like our whiskey on the rocks too. Introducing our Bourbon Punch, a fruity libation that doesn’t mask the rich, distilled flavors of whiskey and red wine but celebrates them…like we tend to do down here in the Quarter quite often. Come down to Chartres House to enjoy our punch with…well, punch!

Alcohol – Bourbon Whiskey, Red Wine, Triple Sec Liqueur


Cajun Martini

Drink Description – If James Bond were a Southerner…and just so happened to stroll down to Chartres House in the French Quarter after wooing women on Bourbon and swindling scoundrels out of their money at Harrah’s, he’d order a Cajun Martini, shaken not stirred. Men like Bond and Evil Knievel would gladly partake in this bold blend of perfectly chilled Stoli vodka spiked with Habanera hot sauce, a martini to set your soul on fire. It is drinks like this that let you know you are alive and in New Orleans.

Alcohol – Vodka


Cajun Bloody Mary

Drink Description – This New Orleans favorite hangover cure is good any time of the day, whether enjoying a Po-Boy on the balcony or dinner with friends in the courtyard. This spicy concoction is a mixture of tomato juice, spices, marinated vodka, a kick of heat and let us not forget, no Cajun Bloody Mary is complete without a tiny meal of green bean, pearl onion and olive to garnish.

Alcohol – Vodka


Cajun Margarita

Drink Description – Our New Orleans twist on the traditional Margarita. Jalapeno-infused tequila and a rim coated in Cajun seasoning make this zesty remix a Deep South delight. Cool down with this Southern heat at Chartres House today!

Alcohol – Infused Tequila, Triple Sec liqueur


Green Gator

Drink Description – Though live gators don’t tend to stroll past our French Quarter corner often, Chartres House likes to tip its hat to the “Cajun yard dog” with our Green Gator cocktail. This sweet & sour, chartreuse blend is a tasty fusion of melon and banana liqueurs, Bacardi Limón, and pineapple juice. We promise the Green Gator doesn’t bite too hard.

Alcohol – Bacardi Limón, Melon and Banana Liqueur



Drink Description – History dates the Hurricane cocktail’s creation back to the 1940s when a local tavern owner decided to concoct a fruity libation that skillfully masked the heavy-handed pour of rum he was trying to sell out of at the time. He sold this tasty swill to visiting sailors. Chartres House pay tribute to this local French Quarter favorite with our own Hurricane recipe spiked with Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum and tangy fruit juices, topped with a Dark Rum floater.

Alcohol – Spiced Rum and Dark Rum


French Quarter Margarita

Drink Description – The triad of taste bud pleasers, Tequila, Cointreau and lime, make this traditional margarita over ice the perfect thirst-quencher to enjoy in the French Quarter.

Alcohol – Tequila and Cointreau


French Quarter Fire

Drink Description – You don’t just drink this super Mary, you consume it for lunch. Stout beer to fill you, tequila to thrill you, spices for kick and a meal on stick.

Alcohol – Jefferson Stout, Tequila


Dragon Berry Mojito

Drink Description – Don’t let this clear cocktail fool you…Crisp mint is muddled with sweet strawberry and dragon berry-flavored rums and a hint of lime give this cocktail a sweet, fresh palate. The dragon Berry Mojito is a warm weather favorite here at the Chartres House. And if you haven’t noticed yet, New Orleans stays warm most the year-round.

Alcohol – Strawberry and Dragon Berry-flavored Rum


Voodoo Juice

Drink Description – Madame Laveau’s secret recipe. This bewitching, electric blue cocktail blends a trifecta of Malibu rums to create a tasty concoction best enjoyed on Chartres House’s wrap-around balcony with blue skies overhead. Take in the French Quarter and the view of the St. Louis Cathedral while enjoying your devilish drink

Alcohol – Malibu Coconut, Malibu Melon and Malibu Banana Rums, Curaçao liqueur